The iconic BMW E30 M3 was never offered as a Touring model by the Bavarian company. Those looking to get a bit more practicality out of their M3s were out of luck, so to speak. However, that didn’t stop a lot of enthusiasts from putting together their own Touring M3s and today we’re taking a closer look at what appears to be the first and only two-door M3 Touring model ever made.

The guys from Griot’s Garage in collaboration with J-Rod & Custom are the culprits behind this project that just made its world debut at SEMA. The car was heavily modified not only in design and body work but also under the hood. Where the S14 engine should’ve been, hides a V8 that’s also of German descent. To be more precise, the guys used an M60 4-liter V8 from a 1995 BMW 540i. The gearbox from the 5er was also added in the mix as the original might’ve been easily overcome by the newfound levels of power.

Now this M3 has a bit over 300 HP at its disposal, also thanks to a custom exhaust, which more than enough for almost any purpose. At the back, there’s a new 2.92 LSD installed the power arriving to it via a custom driveshaft, made specifically for this car. Custom coilovers from Ground Control, upgraded anti-sway bars, and a Brembo big brake kit enhance the handling of this practical M3.

As for the wheels, you’re looking at a set of custom offset HRE 501M alloy rims wrapped in Falken Azenis rubber. Measuring 17×8 up front and 17×9 out back they look close to the original BBS wheels cars of that era used to be fitted with. This being a project sponsored by Griot’s Garage, inside the cabin you’ll find their products line-up on a special setup made specifically for this purpose, as you can see in the photos.