BMW E30 M3 with S85 V10 Engine Could Be Yours for $52,000

BMW M3, BMW M5, Tuning | May 27th, 2016 by 2
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The BMW E30 M3 has definitely reached legendary status. It’s the first ever M3 to be built by the BMW M division and has such a following today that you really have to be careful about what you do to such a car or what you say about it. Therefore, the one we’re showing you today might spark some controversy.

Located in Sweden, the car is no longer stock or running with the gear BMW fitted it with initially. And while the Germans were careful to make sure they get a perfect mix of balance and power into the M3, the owner of this car decided one of them matters more and wanted a bigger engine. The original S14 unit was a 4-cylinder that revved into oblivion and delivered under 200 horsepower at the crank.

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Considering the weight of the car was pretty low as well, you got a beautiful balance between power and agility that would allow you to run circles around other cars on the track. That’s no longer the case, as this M3 received an S85 5-liter V10 engine under the hood. The whole operation was done in Sweden and, according to the seller, the engine was even massaged to make more power than it would in standard guise, being now rated at 535 HP and 400 lb-ft (542 Nm) of torque.

Fortunately, it’s still naturally aspirated and still makes a sound that wound probably make God bite his lip but how about the balance of the thing? We’re pretty sure, the M3 is now nose heavy and putting down all that power will be an issue, especially if you want to launch the damn thing. The price tag is also quite interesting as $52,000 does seem like a lot for an M3 that isn’t even using its original engine.

We’ve seen E30s being sold even for six-figure price tags but in those cases, the cars were stock and had the potential to grow even further in value over the years. In this case, we’re not so sure. So, should we call this car: an abomination or a steal?