The BMW E30 M3 continues to fascinate the automotive world. Even though some would think that its measly stock power figure of around 200 HP couldn’t possibly be enough to make any car ‘fun’, they often overlook the wonders of a well-built chassis. That’s what most people are looking for when they decide to tune a 30-year old M3.

You’re probably wondering how an E30 M3 can reach 210 mph (337 km/h) altogether, let alone in a distance as short as 1 mile. Well, the answer lies under the hood.


This is an M3 with a turbocharged 2JZ Toyota Supra engine that has 907 WHP and 826 lb-ft WTQ (1,120 Nm).

With those power numbers and a stripped out cabin, it’s easy to see how such incredible velocities can be reached in fairly short distances. The car belongs to the guys from Bludre Racingteam and hails from Norway. It’s a usual contender at various drag racing competitions and can do the standing mile in 18.467 seconds, as you’re about to see in the video below. Unfortunately, we can’t see the speedometer so we’ll have to take the guys’ word for it.