The BMW E39 5 Series is still one of the crowd’s favorites, especially in V8 guise, be it the 540i or the M5 and whilst the latter was never offered in Touring variant, the former made up for it with its 4-liter mill. Play your cards right and you could even get better horsepower readings with the help of some forced induction. This particular BMW 540i puts down 461 HP at the wheels.

That’s a huge amount considering that the stock model came with about 290 HP. The significant power increase was achieved with a supercharger installed under the hood. Furthermore, with the forced induction element now in play, the owner also had to change the car’s stock exhaust system with something…a little bigger.

e39 BMW 540i
BMW 540i

The guys from Supersprint were more than glad to step in and install a custom complete system that completely changed the sound of this family hauler. Everything from the manifolds to the cats, crosspipes and even the rear mufflers was changed, making room for a new “voice”. The end result is impressive even though it might be too loud for the kids sitting in the back.

As for the pricing, the complete kit will set you back a little over 7,000 Euros so you might want to take a second to ponder whether it’s a sound investment (pun intended). The only way you’ll be able to make up your mind is to watch the video below.