BMW Launched M Performance Packages for a Variety of Models

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As we’ve repeatedly said, BMW’s offensive in the area that was usually reserved for tuners is getting more and more aggressive. The Germans have recently launched the so-called M Performance Packages that aim at offering a better price for a bundle of M Performance add-ons rather than buying them separately. These new packages are now available for the 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series and 7 Series as well as the M2, M3 and M4 models.

For the 2 Series, you’d need the ZMP package first, in order for the M Performance bits to be compatible with your car’s design. If that’s not an issue, the M Performance package for the 2 Series Coupe includes black kidney grilles, front splitters and lip, carbon fiber rear spoiler and a decal for the side sills. The price for all of them is $1,450 which would save you some $235 compared to what they’d add up to if purchased separately.

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For the 3 Series Sedan, the M Performance Package includes the same components as on the 2 Series for the combined price tag of $1,640 for savings of $245. On the 4 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe models the package also includes a black rear diffuser on top of all the aforementioned parts for the 2 and 3 Series and carries a price tag of $3,100, saving some $405. The package for the 4 Series Convertible is made up of black kidney grilles, carbon fiber mirror caps, black rear diffuser, rocker panel blades and decals for $1,840.

The 7 Series is also one of the lucky recipients of these new packages and for the flagship, BMW’s M Performance division prepared a package that costs $7,235. In it you’ll find black kidney grilles, carbon fiber mirror caps, a painted rear spoiler, M Performance wheel & tire 650M set and a decal for the side sills. For vehicles with the 760 Shadowline exterior trim you’ll also get a black chrome trip at the back.

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For the M models packages vary as well. The M2 can be decked with black kidney grilles, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, M Performance exhaust with carbon fiber tips and decals for the side sills, all for $5,100 saving you $600. For the M3 and M4 Coupe you’ll get carbon fiber front splitters with a polyurethane front lip as well as a carbon fiber rear spoiler, M Performance exhaust with carbon fiber tips and the usual decals, all for $7,860. On the M4 Convertible, the rear spoiler is replaced by carbon fiber side mirrors with the price going up to $8,100.