The BMW 2 Series range includes great cars, no matter the guise you go for. Choose the Convertible or the Coupe and you’ll surely get your fix of adrenaline shots in no time. However, if we had to choose, we’d go for the F22 Coupe model as it does offer better balance. That’s probably what the guys from HGK Motorsport thought as well as they created this monster with no less than 820 HP.

“How could that be?” you may be asking yourself. Well, not with a stock BMW engine, that’s for sure. The guys went to Mast Motorsports and asked for their help. The end result is a beast with more power than it could ever need, thanks to a good-old GM-sourced LS V8 engine. We don’t know the specifics but we love the end result, which seems to be a proper drifting machine.


Apart from adding a new engine to the mix, the Latvian tuner also stripped the interior of the car to the bare minimum, added a roll cage and a Samsonas five-speed sequential transmission with a Winters differential for proper skidding around. On the outside, you can also notice the wide body kit that doesn’t look all that great to be fair. However, it does attract a lot of attention which is why this whole thing was put together in the first place.

The whole thing was recently shipped off to MK Racing in Qatar having been built to fit Formula Drift specifications. Most likely it will be used in various competitions and we have a hunch it will do great. If the video attached below is any indication, we don’t think it’s going to have any issues keeping up with the rest of the platoon.