The 2016 Geneva Motor Show inches nearer by the day, an event we’re most looking forward to, as it will debut many fantastic new automobiles. Many of which will come from BMW, many of which will not. It’s going to be an exciting event as an influx of new vehicles and technologies will finally be revealed to the public. BMW is going to make quite a large splash, though, and we’re excited to see its new vehicles in the flesh. So let’s take a look at what BMWs we’re excited to see in Geneva.

BMW’s iPerformance – BMW’s newly dubbed iPerformance name will be slapped onto all new BMW EVs and plug-in hybrids going forward. The iPerformance moniker received a lukewarm reception, to be kind, and is mainly just a marketing technique. However, it is a clever one. BMW’s i Division is one of the hottest subdivisions on the market and the “i” name carries quite a bit of weight to it. The BMW i3 and i8 have been shattering preconceptions of what electric and hybrid vehicles are supposed to be, all while raking in award after award. So, needless to say, the i Division has become quite prestigious. Just like BMW adding the M Division’s famous logo on the back of the M235i helped 2 Series sales, putting iPerformance on hybrid and EV models going forward will certainly build a strong influx of sales from customers who want the latest from BMW’s famous i Division. So while many fans might find iPerformance to be a bit gimmicky, which one would have difficulty arguing, it will be important to BMW moving forward.

BMW 740e iPerformance-9

BMW i8 Protonic Red – BMW showed us a special edition of its now-famous i8 plug-in hybrid supercar, the BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition. It’s essentially an i8 with some fancy red paint and isn’t actually any more extraordinary than the standard car. However, it does mark the beginning of a trend for future special edition iterations of the BMW i8. While this may not sound that important to many enthusiasts, as making an extremely exclusive version of an already extremely exclusive car doesn’t sound that appealing to most BMW fans, they are very cool to see. The Protonic Red i8 is just the beginning of some very cool cars to come.


BMW M3/M4 Competition Package – This is where things start to get really juicy for the Bavarians. We already spoke about how the Competition Package that transforms the M3/M4 from a great sports car to an incredible one, with only subtly tweaks. The Comp Pack brings new springs, bushings, a new sports exhaust, wicked looking wheels and a newly tuned electronic diff. None of these are groundbreaking by themselves, but when added all up, the M3/M4 becomes simply epic. And the Comp Pack doesn’t even cost that much. At $5,500, the Comp Pack is almost $3,000 cheaper than the carbon ceramic brake option, making it the steal of the year for BMW. Not to mention it looks deliciously sinister.


BMW M760Li – The idea of a BMW M7 has captivated the minds of BMW fans for what seems like decades. While an M7 isn’t the most rational of BMWs, it’s something that fans have wanted because the idea of a massive luxury car that also has the power and performance of the M Division is oddly titillating. So when BMW finally announced the M760Li, despite it not being a full-blown M car, fans were very happy, indeed. The BMW M760Li’s monster twin-turbocharged V12, incredibly luxurious interior, dynamite looks and massive performance potential make this one of the more exciting BMW’s of the year. It’s up there with the BMW M2 for best new BMW. We’ve seen pictures of it and read the specs, but there’s nothing like seeing it in the flesh and that’s something we’re very much looking forward to.