BMW M760Li

The New BMW M760Li xDrive G12 26 830x553

Video: BMW M760Li vs Audi S8 Comparison Review

The automotive world is in a continuous transformation. Apart from the fact that the best-selling cars right now are SUVs and crossovers, there are also other peculiar breeds around, like uber-luxurious limousine capable of doing…

BMW M760Li shows 12-cylinder supremacy in acceleration challenge against 750i

2020 BMW M8 Competition Coupe Horatiu Boeriu 0 830x553

The Top 5 Fastest BMWs of All Time 2020

These past couple of years have been big for performance BMWs. Sure, some enthusiasts might bemoan the brand’s decline from the pure, engaging cars it used to make but there’s no denying the astonishing levels…

2020 BMW M760Li Aventurine Red 10 830x553

We spotted again the 2020 BMW M760Li in Aventurine Red

The BMW M760Li is one of those cars that stops passersby dead in their tracks. It’s massive, brash, overly luxurious and, most importantly, sports a “V12” badge. Regardless of how you feel about luxo-barges, the…

Aventurine Red BMW M760Li 23 830x553

OPINION: Do we really want the BMW V12 to stick around?

For many enthusiasts, there really is no replacement for displacement. The bigger the engine, the better for those folks. It’s an especially common sentiment in America, where big block Corvettes and Challenger Hellcats are deified….