The upcoming BMW M2 is probably the most hotly anticipated BMW that I can remember. I don’t think I can think of another Bimmer that had as much buzz generated before its release than the M2. There’s good reason for this of course, the M2 is the spiritual successor to the transcendent 1 Series M and is probably the most perfect recipe for an M car since the E46 M3. One could even say that it’s the spiritual successor to the E46 M3 as well, as it’s roughly the same size, goes back to an inline-six engine and has somewhat similar horsepower numbers.


The BMW M2 will be a beast, there’s no doubt about it. It will be fast, fun and incredibly exciting. It will be good looking too, but we don’t have an exact idea of what it will look like, as most spied cars  wear heavy camouflage. However, we do know that it will only be available in four colors. Apparently, the only colors to be offered are, the official launch color, Long Beach Blue, Alpine White, Mineral Grey and Sapphire Black. These colors pretty much color the bases for what an M car should have, but there are some suspicious missing colors. There’s always at least one interesting red or yellow color, making it sad that there won’t be one for the M2, but at least there’s the beautiful Long Beach Blue.

BMW M2 Spied wearing Long Beach Blue paint
BMW M2 Spied wearing Long Beach Blue paint

A source familiar with the BMW production process says the limitation of colors might have to do with the fact that it’s being built at the Leipzig facility. This plant only has a small paint booth, with maybe 8-12 colors, and have numerous car models produced in the plant so it’s possible the Leipzig is a little tight on colors. The Long Beach Blue is the only new color of the four.

It’s actually kind of a shame that the M2 will only have four colors, regardless of reason. BMW M cars are famous for having awesome and interesting color options. The current F80/F82 BMW M3/M4 have some pretty amazing color options. I’m a particular fan of Sakhir Orange. These cool colors give BMW’s M cars something different over their competitors, like the Audi RS4 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S. Those cars are usually black or silver, but M cars are usually a crazy yellow or blue and that’s one of the best parts about them.


Admittedly, this lack of colors won’t make the M2 any less desirable and it does look particularly menacing in black. The M2 is going to be fantastic regardless of what colors it comes in. Though, if I sell my kidney for one, I’m gonna get it in Long Beach Blue because M car.