I once read that any car that looks good in white is a truly good looking car. Because white is the absence of color. It doesn’t aid the shapes and lines at all. While black tends to hide many of the body lines and not allow any shadows to form on the body, so most cars tend to look better in black. However, it’s fun and interesting colors, to me, that tend to show off a car’s design best.

BMW’s M Division has always made some truly fantastic colors. Dakar Yellow, Laguna Seca Blue and Imola Red, are just a few classic color options. Another thing I love about M Division colors is that they’re almost all named after racetracks. That give the color an extra dimension of cool. It’s not just red, it’s Imola Red, named after the race track in Italy where Formula One legend, Ayrton Senna, sadly died.


When buying an M car, these colors are always an important choice. To real M enthusiasts, it isn’t just enough to have an M3. A Yas Marina Blue M3 is far more likeable than just a black one. Currently, BMW has some pretty fantastic colors, for its M Division cars. The M3 and M4 have Yas Marina Blue, Austin Yellow and Silverstone Metallic, all named after race tracks around the world. Sadly missing on those two is Sakhir Orange, but is still available on the M5 and M6. That’s my personal favorite for this generation.

(c) 2014 CKCommunications-bmw-m4-sakhir-orange-19 BMW-M6-Coupe-sakhir-orange-06

It’s a rich tradition, BMW M has, with its colors. It tends to give them a bit more character, having a great looking color that always happens to be named after a race track. That lends it a bit more of a motorsport pedigree to an already sporting car.

Limited Edition BMW 3 Series Sedan M Performance Edition in Laguna Seca Blue-14

While Sakhir Orange is my favorite M color of this current generation, Laguna Seca Blue might be my all time favorite. So, what is your favorite M color of all time, and if you had to pick a current M model, which color would you pick?