In a recent article by AutoBlog, there was a comprehensive discussion about finding the right BMW 1M for a project car. And as expected, their findings point out to the 1M’s value and how it is being perceived on the used car market.

At launch time in 2011, the BMW 1M retailed for less than $50k ($46,135). According to Autoblog, no 1M unit can be found on sale for less than $60,000. Actually, the average asking price based on twenty inquiries made is a staggering $61,670 with an average mileage of about 11,600 on the clock. The the limited run production of the BMW 1M is providing their owners with some increased value these days.

With only 740 units sold in the US to begin with, finding data on 1MC sales is a bit dicey, but here’s what we know. We tracked down about 20 cars currently on sale, by way of major used auto sales websites, and found an average asking price of a whopping $61,670 with an average mileage of about 11,600 on the clock. That’s more than $15,500 over the MSRP when new, or an appreciation of around $5k per year.

The best deal we could locate was a 14k-miler for $55,500; the most expensive being $65,991 with just 8,800 miles. Those numbers are just about right based on the industry standard Black Book, which calls the retail value in California, for instance, at an even $60,000 for an “Extra Clean” car. Talk about an investment we can get behind…Autoblog

Many of these cars appreciated as soon as their owners ordered them. The owners were actually sitting in a piece of automotive history as the limited production run will ensure the pricing stays where it is.

Below you can find some cool shots of a Black Sapphire BMW 1M. Let us know if you own one and whether you have any intentions to keep it forever in your garage.