BMW currently has three orange colors in their line-up. Or at least available to order from the catalog.

Sakhir Orange is available as a standard color on the M3, M4, M5 and M6. Even though it was retired temporarily from the M3/M4 catalog, the beautiful orange shade is scheduled to return with Model Year 2016.

Valencia Orange made its debut with the iconic BMW 1M and was shortly offered on other cars, like the 1 Series Hatchback and the X1 SUV. It was supposed to be an 1M-exclusive color, but its popularity has led BMW execs to offer it to other customers as well.


Fire Orange was also an exclusive launch color, in this case for the highly-limited and super sporty M3 GTS. It was later sold with the limited edition Lime Rock M3 and it is also part of the colors catalog for a hefty price: $5,000. We’ve seen even 3 Series customers shelling out the money for the beautiful orange.


All three orange colors are special in their own way. Sakhir Orange comes with a red hue and makes for an interesting color under different lights. Valencia Orange also has a redish tone, while offering some interesting sparkles when looked at it under the sun. And Fire Orange is the close to the proverbial Dutch Orange; a vibrant orange color that turns any car into an instant head-turner.


My favorite is without a doubt the new Sakhir Orange. Despite owning an 1M in Valencia Orange and enjoying the color as much as I enjoy the car, I still find the Sakhir Orange to be a more exotic color and for some reason it looks even better on the M3/M4 than on the M5/M6.

So if you could choose, what would be your favorite orange?