The user car market for BMW E46 M3 models with low mileage and in great condition has been seeing a price increase in the last few years. So, the fact that sometimes you can find these for as low as $12,000 right this minute is extremely surprising.

Buying new might be worry-free business for many customers, but the high price of a sports car might turn away others as well. So finding a great used sports car is a challenge, yet one that can be very rewarding.

Therefore today, we’ve gathered five reasons why you should buy an E46 M3, one of the highest praised M3s ever built.

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1. Price

Ranging from $12,000 to around $30,00 for really low mileage cars, the pricing aspect is simply too attractive to disregard. After all, you get a six cylinder engine with an unique sound and amazing performance, all wrapped up in a great handling, sporty and beautiful vehicle. The pricing is likely to not drop significantly in the future, so buying one is a pretty safe bet.

The majority of older BMW M3s have somewhat appreciated over the years, the E30 M3 being another example, and the E46 M3 is following that trend.

2. Availability

There’s literally loads of them, so it means you can have your pick from many color options and configurations. Whether you use eBay or some other classifieds, you’re likely to find the perfect E46 M3 without much effort.  If you’re looking for an SMG E46 M3, then the odds are even higher than finding a manual one.

3. Performance

Powered by a 3.2 liter naturally aspirated engine producing 343 horsepower, the BMW E46 M3 could sprint from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.1 s for manual and SMG; the cabriolet version takes 5.5 seconds for the same sprint. With a 250km/h (155mph) electronically limited top speed, the E46 M3 could also go fast. Really fast.

4. Looks and overall appeal

Adding a set of aftermarket wheels can give the E46 M3 an even more unique look to go with its aggressive lines and sporty front fascia. Thanks to the new front air dam with its integrated fog lamps in elliptical design as well as large air intakes, the E46 M3 clearly stands out from all other versions of the BMW 3 Series. Further sign of distinction clearly visible on the engine compartment lid of the BMW M3 again sets the car aside from other models in the BMW 3 Series – the so-called Powerdome. The E46 M3 has one of the most balanced designs ever created by BMW and many believe it’s the perfect sports car.

5. Because racecar

If you have money to throw at a used M3, you are probably driving something modern as a daily driver. Therefore, your weekend affection with the M3 could well end up on the racetrack. The availability and well designed aftermarket can certainly help you turn the E46 M3 into a proper track car, for relatively little money.

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