Montblanc and BMW recently teamed up to create some luggage, a passport case and a couple of pens. This isn’t the first time BMW has teamed up with another luxury brand to create luggage or something of the sort, as Louis Vuitton recently created some bespoke luggage for the BMW i8. The Montblanc pairing makes a bit more sense to me, though, than LV. Reason being is that Montblanc is also a German creator of fine machinery. Montblanc makes watches.

Montblanc actually started out as a maker of fine pens, in 1906. But it eventually got into making watches and currently makes some of the nicest watches around. One in particular, the Homage to Nicolas Rieussec, is more beautiful than usual.

The Montblanc Homage replicates the details Nicolas Rieusecc’s original chronograph. It’s unique design is something that you’d never see on the wrist of another person and has an old world feel to it, yet uses the most modern of materials. The second and minute subdials are both created out of rotating discs with a stationary hand in between them as an indicator. This is similar to the Rieusecc’s original creation. Then there’s the invisible Super-LumiNova pigments on the dial, which cannot be seen during the day or in light, but glow bright in the dark. This gives the watch a more sophisticated look, as you don’t see the ugly greenish-white luminescence.

The movement is Montblanc’s MB R200, which is a 28,800 v/h, 40 jewel automatic movement with a 72 hour power reserve. This movement sits inside of a 41 mm case and wears a black alligator leather strap. This watch is simple, yet complicated, extravagant, yet sophisticated. It’s simply beautiful.

At around $11,000, this Montblanc isn’t exactly cheap, but it is worth the hefty price tag. The movement, which uses 565 pieces, is brilliant and the face is one of the better looking of all watches today. It’s class and heritage makes this watch pair perfectly with a car of the same nature, like say a BMW 7 Series. The new BMW 7 Series is also beautiful and complicated but still simplistic and elegant. It also has a rich history and wears some family resemblance. So if you’ve just placed your order for a brand-new BMW 7 Series, pick yourself up a Montblanc Homage to Nicolas Rieussec. You won’t regret it.