Talk about the Ultimate Luggage Set. Jalopnik just revealed that the BMW i8 Louis Vuitton five-piece luggage set costs $20,000. Or to put in better perspective, about 15% of the BMW i8 base price.

The luggage items have been tailor-made to fit perfectly into the interior of the BMW i8 and are made of carbon-black. Black and electric blue used in the microfibre lining are the same as the ones found in the i8 and bag handles are made from dyed natural leather. All items in the collection come with leather name tags and the iconic Louis Vuitton padlock with the exception of the garment bag.

louis-vuitton-bmw-i807 louis-vuitton-bmw-i806 louis-vuitton-bmw-i805 louis-vuitton-bmw-i804 louis-vuitton-bmw-i803 louis-vuitton-bmw-i802 louis-vuitton-bmw-i801

The Weekender GM i8, with both hand and shoulder carry straps, is custom-designed to go into the boot, while the Garment Bag i8 is a perfect fit for the rear shelf of the BMW i8. The sturdy hardshell Business Case i8 which is also ideal for carrying laptops, matches the shape of the rear seats; while the small Weekender PM i8 is designed to rest on its surface.

Are they worth $20,000? Maybe not to most people, but without a doubt there will be plenty of buyers that love exclusivity and have deep pockets.