The 7 Series is BMW’s current flagship car. It’s the car that’s used to test BMW’s newest technology and construction techniques. It’s also BMW’s most expensive mainstream vehicle. But I’d argue that there’s a better flagship car elsewhere in BMW’s stable.

I’d argue that the 6 Series is the car that puts BMW’s best foot forward.

The 6er is easily the best looking Bimmer, aside from maybe the i8. It’s certainly the most beautiful, while the i8 might be the most polarizing. But it’s the 6 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe that make passerby’s drool. With the seductive curves and lines along with the long hood that seems to go on forever, opposite the short rear deck and massive wheels. Both flavors of 6 Series have the ability to take breath away.


Another feather in the 6er’s cap is the existence of a true M version. The 7 has the Alpina B7, but it isn’t an M car. The M6 cements the 6 Series into true performance car territory. The shocking performance of the M6s put them in supercar territory and some people say the M6 Gran Coupe is the nicest driving of all M cars. It’s certainly the best looking, that much is true.


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But aside from all of the performance and looks, the 6 Series can appeal to a variety of different audiences and needs. The 6 Series Coupe is a beautiful grand tourer with a supple suspension and big engines to waft its passengers along in supreme speed and comfort, like riding a tidal wave. It can also come in all-wheel drive for folks in bad weather areas, so it can be that perfect grand tourer wherever you live. Then there’s the M6 which turns it into a hardcore performance tourer.


The Gran Coupe iteration, is also a grand tourer, but seats four in absurd levels of luxury. The back seat of a 6er Gran Coupe is like sitting in first class aboard Emirates Airways. Combine that with the same level of luxury, but even better performance and you’re left with the perfect grand tourer. And on top of that is the aforementioned M6 version.

2015 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

All in all, the 6 Series, to me at least, seems like the best model line to showcase the brand. It has a model for everyone, well everyone that can afford it at least, it can function in all climates and can be all things. It’s also fantastic looking inside and out, and the best looking steed in BMW’s stable, drives fantastically and has extreme levels of luxury. While the 7 Series may be BMW’s flagship on paper, I think the better showcase of the BMW brand is the 6 Series.

Until the new 7 comes out, that is.