The next generation BMW i3 (codename NA0) – based now on the Neue Klasse architecture – is scheduled to launch in 2026. But of course, it won’t be the i3 we all know. Instead of the hatchback shape, the new i3 will take the shape of an electric sedan and will cater to a new generation of electric vehicles owners.

Final Naming Convention TBD

In 2026, the upcoming NA0 BMW i3 is generating buzz with rumors of a diverse lineup, potentially encompassing a minimum of five distinct variants. The base models might include the BMW i3 40 and BMW i3 40 xDrive, with a mid-tier offering in the form of the i3 50 and 50 xDrive. To cap it off, enthusiasts can anticipate the pinnacle of the range with the i3 M60 xDrive. It’s worth noting that the nomenclature isn’t firmly established at this stage, but the proposed model expansion and configurations align with the overall product range that BMW usually offers.

Neue Klasse – The Way Forward for BMW

On numerous occasions, BMW representatives have said Neue Klasse will be more than just a dedicated electric car platform. It will fundamentally change the Bavarian brand and is going to usher in the sixth-generation battery technology with round cells providing more range, improved energy density, and faster charging.

The Neue Klasse architecture is also touted as an 800-volt system employing a battery configuration with a 20 percent increase in energy density. Coupled with enhancements in aerodynamics, more efficient electric motors, and superior thermal management, BMW asserts that this combination can potentially extend the range by up to 30 percent when compared to the company’s existing EV drivetrain.

Production Begins in 2026

While the naming convention and specs are still a closely guarded secret, one thing remains certain: come 2025, the Neue Klasse family will bring a significant transformation across BMW’s product lineup, design, and production processes. The design will be based on the recently unveiled BMW Vision Neue Klasse which will also deliver a brand-new infotainment system.

The production of the BMW i3 NA0 will begin in mid-2026 in Germany and it will eventually join the production line at the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico as well.

[Source: ynguldyn Bimmerpost]