BMW says the Skytop is a definite maybe since it needs more time to decide whether to build it or not. Meanwhile, a design exercise imagines the concept car as an equally gorgeous coupe by replacing the two removable targa panels with a fixed top. Independent artist Theottle has imagined the M8 Convertible-based showcar we saw at Villa d’Este as a retro-modern M8 Coupe.

Let’s face it. The second-generation 8 Series hasn’t lived up to the hype of its predecessor. The G15 did spawn a full-fat M version the E31 did not, but the F92 hasn’t moved the needle. As great as this rendering looks, a reinterpretation of the high-performance coupe with Z8 influences would ultimately be a niche product. It’s highly unlikely to happen, especially since the Skytop itself hasn’t been green-lighted for production. Nevertheless, this hypothetical coupe is a dreamy car.

BMW Skytop Coupe rendering / Theottle

The clean lines of the concept have been carried over but the flat rear window is gone. In its place is a sloping roofline inherited from the M8 Coupe. The fixed carbon fiber roof has the same color as the rest of the body. By the way, when BMW unveiled the Skytop, it said the livery was created by an “experienced master painter” at its Dingolfing factory.

This imaginary coupe looks pretty from just about any angle, but it only lives in fantasy land. However, the Skytop gives us hope that BMW designs of tomorrow will revert to less cluttered styling. A big coupe is sadly not on the horizon since the 8 Series is reportedly facing the chopping block. The German luxury brand is allegedly killing off the entire 8er lineup in the coming years. A third generation could arrive near the end of the decade, but only as an electric Gran Coupe.

Source: Theottle / YouTube