The BMW 8 Series, having undergone a refresh in 2022, is approaching the end of its production cycle. It is expected to continue running until approximately 2025, but there are indications that the next generation of the BMW 8 Series might experience a reduction in its lineup. There were initial rumors of BMW’s plans for a new generation of the 8 Series, referred to as codenames G75/G76/G77. However, recent developments suggest a change in these plans. Insiders now suggest that the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe could be the sole model to continue into the next generation. Notably, it is speculated that this version will be exclusively electric, marking the first time the 8 Series Gran Coupe will be offered as an all-electric vehicle.

Neue Klasse Platform

In addition, there are indications that the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe may bypass the CLAR platform and instead transition directly to the Neue Klasse, which prioritizes electric vehicles. This potential move would present numerous opportunities for BMW, particularly in terms of design and packaging. It will also allow BMW to offer new battery technology and as a result, a far better electric driving range.

The recent rumor doesn’t come as a shock, as there have been previous indications that BMW intends to streamline the 8 Series lineup and retain only its top-selling models. Unofficial reports suggest that the most popular variant of the 8 Series is the four-door coupe. As you can imagine, an all-electric high-end four-dour coupe will be an exciting product. BMW’s Neue Klasse has the capability of delivering up to 1 Megawatt of power or roughly 1,340 horsepower. Additionally, BMW could bring to the market their solid state batteries which make a lot more sense in an expensive product like the 8 Series.

Future BMW Design Language To Be Previewed This Year

The design language is also likely to fall in line with the rest of the Neue Klasse lineup. We expect to see clean and simplified shapes, normal size kidney grilles and sleek and stylish lights. The vehicles currently being worked on will be out in 2025/2026 and are set to be sold until 2033 or so. What can we expect? Adrian van Hooydonk said in a recent interview there will be a “cleaner” design language with a kidney grille proportionate to the size of the vehicle.

In terms of interior features, BMW is set to elevate the digital experience to new heights. The upcoming iDrive system, potentially named iDrive 10 or iDrive X, has already been teased, promising enhanced capabilities. A key highlight of the Neue Klasse vehicles will be the BMW Panoramic Vision, which transforms the windshield into an expansive display. This innovative technology will enable drivers to customize the information displayed within their field of vision and even share it with the front passenger, further enhancing the interactive experience inside the vehicle.

Certainly, it’s important to acknowledge that plans for the BMW 8 Series can always change. The current projected production date is around 2029, indicating that BMW is still in the early stages of this new project. However, it’s worth noting that historically, projects can be altered or axed as close as 18 months prior to production. This suggests that there is still a considerable amount of time before concrete plans are finalized and put into action.