Originally announced in late March 2023, the one-of-a-kind XM designed by BMW with Naomi Campbell is officially here. Well, sort of. Images of the unique SUV are finally out but the dedicated M model is still hiding under wraps. It’s known as the XM Mystique Allure and will break cover on May 15 at the Cannes Film Festival.

For the third consecutive year, the German luxury brand is the official automotive partner of the prestigious film festival. 2024 marks the 77th edition of the show, which will feature more than 200 cars. The plug-in hybrid XM will be there, joined by fully electric models such as the i5 and i7 sedans as well as the iX large SUV. During the Cannes Film Festival, actors and filmmakers will be chauffeured in BMW’s fleet of hybrid and electric cars.

From what we can tell, the one-off XM appears to have a special exterior finish reminiscent of the Individual Twilight Purple paint. The rear seats – dubbed M Lounge per BMW’s marketing jargon – appear to be covered in velvet. This type of woven fabric extends onto the door cards to cocoon the rear passenger. In this case, it’s none other than British supermodel Naomi Campbell, who’ll be turning 54 later this month.

The special XM is part of a wider collaboration between BMW and Naomi Cambell for the “Dare to be You” campaign announced last year. You might have seen her already in images alongside the controversial SUV painted in Cape York Green. The German luxury brand offers more than 50 Individual colors for its flagship model, including Petrol Mica and Sepia.

The XM is offered in three flavors since aside from the standard model, there’s also the 50e and the Label. The former is an entry-level six-cylinder variant while the latter is BMW’s most powerful production vehicle ever. It’s the only M model to offer a plug-in hybrid V8 powertrain but that will change soon. The M5 Sedan (G90) debuting in a few weeks will have a similar setup. Coming before the end of 2024, the M5 Touring (G99) is also going to be an electrified eight-cylinder beast.

Source: BMW