BMW has joined forces with Naomi Campbell to promote the new XM, which is celebrating its market launch this spring. The marketing campaign revolves around the “Dare to be You” slogan and puts the spotlight on the automaker’s first dedicated M model in over four decades. This fall, a Label Red version will be added to the lineup as the brand’s most powerful road car ever by offering a combined output of 748 hp.

In the meantime, BMW M is happy to announce the 52-year-old English model has designed her very own XM scheduled to be revealed later this year. Details are scarce for the time being, but we do know it’ll be a one-off affair touted as an “extravagant high-performance model.” The use of “high-performance” might imply it will be based on the Label Red.


BMW has already announced the XM Label Red will go on sale this fall as a limited-run special edition priced from $185,995 or about $27,000 more than the standard model. Aside from having a more potent configuration of the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine, it’s getting a unique paint job and exclusive wheels. Inside, it’ll have special upholstery and trim to further set it apart from the standard XM. It’ll supposedly get the ball rolling for additional Label-badged special editions based on other models.

A third derivative is planned for later this year, but not in the United States. Europe and possibly other markets are expected to receive an XM 50e as a base model with a smaller inline-six engine, also part of a plug-in hybrid powertrain. It’ll be interesting to see how that one will perform considering the V8-powered XM represents BMW’s heaviest car ever, at over 6,000 pounds or more than 2,700 kilograms.

The automaker expects the United States to represent the XM’s main market, with 26% of all sales, followed by China with 23% and the Middle East with 8%.

Source: BMW