We’ve known for a while that there would eventually be a six-cylinder version of BMW’s wildly styled XM. The idea behind the 50e is to lower the SUV’s asking price and allow owners to dodge taxes associated with large-displacement engines in some markets. The new entry-level model has finally been integrated into the German configurator where the math starts at a rather steep €132,400.

It’s still bloody expensive but the XM 50e does undercut the midrange XM by €45,600 and the flagship XM Label by a whopping €70,600. The two V8 models are priced at home in Deutschland from €178,000 and €203,000, respectively. Featured here is the cheapest XM money can buy, albeit we’re loosely using the word “cheapest” here.

You’re not stuck with this Mineral White paint since M Marina Blue Bay, M Carbon Black, M Isle Of Man, Cape York Green, M Toronto Red, and Sapphire Black are no-cost options. The rather daring M Sao Paulo Yellow seen in official images is also offered without having to pay extra. The 21-inch wheels (918 M style) are the smallest available for the sporty luxobarge but you can pay as much as €3,060 for a 23-inch set with gold accents.

Stepping inside, the 2024 BMW XM 50e sold in Germany is offered with this standard Individual Merino leather and a carbon fiber trim. Should you decide to splurge on options available for this six-cylinder model, you can end up paying as much as €144,000 for a fully loaded XM 50e. In The United States, the inline-six model is not available.

The problem with the XM is not necessarily that the 50e is still expensive. It’s the fact that the regular V8-powered XM costs a rather substantial €13,300 more than an X5 M Competition, which doesn’t look as polarizing. The latter does away with the plug-in hybrid setup in favor of an honest-to-God V8, which some will see as a plus.

Source: BMW Deutschland