BMW took the wraps off the 2025 M4 CS this week, deciding to show the performance coupe in Frozen Isle of Man Green. However, the hot G82 version can also be had with a different special paint – Riviera Blue. A new promotional video shows the all-wheel-drive rocket with this eye-catching color. The full Nürburgring lap was also performed with an M4 CS finished in Riviera Blue.

The latest clip features professional racing driver Samantha Tan behind the wheel of BMW’s newest limited-run special edition. The 26-year-old Canadian pilot owns a 1 Series M Coupe and drives an M4 GT3 at work. She’s also a BMW M Motorsport Ambassador and has been professionally racing cars for a decade. In an interview for the BMW M Magazine, she revealed her goal is to become the first Asian woman to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Getting back to the car at hand, the new M4 CS is more practical than the hardcore CSL launched in 2022. Not only does it keep the rear seats, but it also has all-weather capabilities thanks to xDrive. It’s not the tail-happy, two-seat hooligan the CSL was but at $124,675, you are paying $16,220 less. On the flip side, you’re being charged an extra $4,980 over the family-friendly M3 CS sedan.

While the M4 CSL was assembled in only 1,000 units, the new M4 CS won’t be as exclusive since more cars will be built. An exact number isn’t being disclosed but the M3 CS has a production run of 1,700 to 2,000 cars.

In 2025, the M3 CS Touring will be temporarily added to the lineup as a special-edition super wagon. We’re expecting the limited-run G81 flavor to debut with its own special color options. However, just like the regular long-roof M3, it’s sadly not coming to the United States.

Lest we forget BMW is also cooking up an M2 CS. It’ll be revealed in 2025 with well over 500 horsepower and loads of carbon fiber goodies. While the M3 and M4 CS models have xDrive, the compact coupe is expected to remain RWD. That being said, rumor has it an all-paw M2 could come as early as 2026.

Source: BMW M / YouTube