The only thing better than buying an M car is picking it up from the BMW Welt. As with most things in life, it’ll cost you extra. The standard Premium Package is €960 while the Exclusive Package is €1,320. The latter is more expensive because you’re chauffeured to your destination. In addition, the handover is done in a dedicated separate area. Before the special day is over, you get to enjoy a four-course menu at the Bavarie by Käfer restaurant.

The owner of a 2025 M4 decided to splurge on what BMW calls a factory pick-up in Munich. This Competition version with the Life Cycle Impulse applied has a special color. It’s an Individual paint – Anglesey Green Metallic – which you might remember seeing on the XM.  This is a boldly configured G82 since the interior has Merino Ivory White leather extending onto the lower section of the dashboard.

Being an LCI model, it gets the redesigned headlights with an adaptive matrix LED high beam. The 2025 4 Series with the upgraded lights also gets the new laser taillights. These have 3D-effect graphics similar to what the M4 CSL had when it debuted back in 2022. BMW is also selling these high-tech rear lights for the recently launched 4 Series Gran Coupe LCI.

The interior has been largely carried over, except for a few somewhat significant changes. The central air vents are slightly different now by adopting new controls to adjust the airflow. In addition, BMW has added fancy contour lighting to those vents to spruce up the dashboard. We mustn’t omit the flat-bottomed steering wheel that gets a red 12 o’clock mark. This extra-special M4 has the optional carbon bucket seats.

BMW is days away from launching a limited-run M4 CS. It’ll likely be made for about a year and will serve as a coupe variant of last year’s M3 CS sedan. The only important modifications will be those new lights at the front and rear that debuted with the facelift. We’re hearing it’ll be offered in Riviera Blue, Frozen Isle of Man Green, Black Sapphire, and Brooklyn Grey.

Source: BMW Welt / Instagram, masy_m4 / Instagram