America never got the M5 Touring E61 with its naturally aspirated V10 engine. The United States also missed out on the uber-rare E34 wagon, one of the last hand-built M cars. Adding insult to injury, the M3 Touring G81 is also a forbidden fruit. However, all is forgiven. BMW has (finally!) officially confirmed the hotly anticipated M5 Touring G99 is coming to the US and Canada.

After design boss Domagoj Dukec let it slip the long-roof M5 is coming to America, BMW issued a press release today to confirm the good news. That said, we’ll have to wait some more for the reveal. Logic tells us it’s going to take place following the G90 sedan’s debut. The Bavarian marque will have an opponent to fight the AMG E63 Estate and the Audi RS6 Avant. These three cars will battle in the rarified segment of high-performance luxury wagons to defy the SUV craze.

Given how downsizing is in full swing across the automotive industry, the new M5 Touring and Sedan are likely among the last BMW models to rock a V8 engine. We can say with certainty it’ll be the only 5 Series of this generation with a V8. It won’t be the “S63” used by the previous-generation model but the “S68” found in the M versions of the X5, X6, and X7. It also powers the 760i and the XM. The latter’s plug-in hybrid setup will be adapted for the M5 duo.

BMW remains tight-lipped about the technical specifications, but insiders claim the new M5 packs as much as 718 horsepower. Our separate article about the new teaser video released today contains all the available (albeit unconfirmed) juicy details. The only hard facts are about the plug-in hybrid V8 and an electric range of 43 miles. It’s worth noting the G99 will be the only 5 Series Touring flavor to receive a US visa. In the meantime, BMW’s Canadian division is asking enthusiasts whether it’s worth bringing the hot wagon over.

Production starts in the fourth quarter of 2024. BMW says the M5 Touring will be available for the 2025 model year in the US where prototype testing has started ahead of market launch. The official unveil of the M5 Wagon is scheduled for later this summer.

Source: BMW USA