If there’s one M car begging for more special colors, it must be the M2. BMW has partially addressed this issue with a couple of matte paints from the Individual catalog, including Frozen Portimao Blue. More and more dealers across Europe are showcasing G87s dressed to impress in expensive optional shades, as is the case here with a pair of cars. One is from the United Kingdom (hence the right-hand-drive layout) while the other comes from Belgium. We’d take the RHD version since it has two-tone wheels but the other one rides on the same 930 M alloys with an all-black look. Another difference that’s easy to spot is the contrasting red color of the brake calipers belonging to the M2 with the steering wheel on the wrong side.

BMW M2 Frozen Blue
Photo instagram.com/andrew.barker.bmw

The right-hand-drive M2 featured here has the standard seats as opposed to the body-hugging optional seats with the carbon shell. In the UK and the rest of Europe, that eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, which means you’re actually paying more for the manual – £1,200 to be exact for the British M2. That’s not the case in the United States where BMW sells the M2 with both transmissions as no-cost options. In some countries such as Brazil, the M2 is automatic-only. In the second of images, we have the same Frozen Blue BMW M2, but this time from Belgium.

Photo instagram.com/tad.nv

Although we’re still finding the old F87 the more attractive M2 generation, we’re beginning to warm up to the styling of its successor. It’s a bit too boxy for our tastes, but in the right spec, it’s a good-looking sports car. BMW has some updates on the way for its baby M scheduled to be released later this year, and chances are there will be some fresh colors.

Rumor has it the 2025 BMW M2 is also getting a discreetly updated kidney grille with some sort of black elements, along with freshly designed wheels and possibly the iDrive 8.5. Underneath the mildly revised skin, the inline-six, twin-turbo 3.0-liter engine is likely to push out an extra 20 horsepower that would take the S58 to 473 hp. A bigger update is earmarked for next year when the M2 CS is programmed to come out, likely as a 2026MY in the United States. Aside from mechanical improvements, it should get different body colors and wheels, plus a few tweaks inside the cabin.

BMW M2 Frozen Blue By @andrew.barker.bmw

BMW M2 Frozen Blue By @tad.nv / @bmw_delbecq