Many would argue the G87 isn’t as pretty as the F87 before it but there’s no denying that the new BMW M2 is a hugely desirable car. You can still have it with three pedals, unlike most other compact performance cars that have gone automatic-only. A member of the Bimmer Post forums recently took delivery of his rear-wheel-drive machine with a stick shift, but that’s not what makes this car special.

This 2024 M2 is one of the few second-generation models delivered to a customer with an Individual paint. Not just any Individual color, but a matte hue – Frozen Pure Grey. It costs an extra $2,500 and is available alongside Frozen Portimao Blue as the only two special paints currently offered. We’re dealing with a US-spec car as denoted by the mandatory orange side markers you (thankfully) won’t find on the European version.

BMW M2 G87 Frozen Pure Grey / Cefoskey

The colorful BMW roundels are a nice retro touch and have been around since 2022 when the M division celebrated its 50th anniversary. This M2 rides on Jet Black wheels but you can have the same 19-inch front and 20-inch rear alloys (Style 930M) with a two-tone look. Since it lacks the Carbon Package, this vehicle retains the sunroof offered as standard in the US.

Stepping inside the cabin, the seats are wrapped in Vernasca black leather adorned by the three famous M colors. The dashboard boasts the optional carbon fiber trim for which BMW wants an extra $800. These are the regular seats, but an M2 ordered with the $9,900 Carbon Package gets the body-hugging front seats with a carbon shell.

The owner signed his name to get an allocation back in June 2023, and he was still #29 on the list when he got a surprise call from the dealer. This car happened to arrive in stock, and he immediately bought it. Four people expressed their interest in buying this car while he was on his way to pick up the tail-happy M. After fitting the nifty badges, the next order of business for the owner is to powder coat the wheels in bronze.

Although the M2 is still a relatively new car, having been around for only a little over a year, BMW is preparing updates for later this year. The chief of which will be an extra 20 horsepower for the inline-six but there are some small visual tweaks on the way.

Source: Cefoskey / Bimmer Post