2024 marks the 120th anniversary of the first Rolls-Royce-badged car, so what better way to celebrate the milestone if not by rolling out a special edition? The new Ghost Prism is limited to 120 cars – one for every year since Charles Rolls and Henry Royce agreed to launch the original Rolls-Royce 10 hp in 1904. The ultra-luxury sedan comes painted in Gunmetal grey following a 10-step process that involves applying four layers of paint.

After that, the body is manually polished for no fewer than 16 hours. Since robots are not involved in the polishing process, all the cars are technically unique since a human being can’t perfectly replicate the finish 120 times. We’re being told the paint has a rich mineral finish and is combined with striking accents in Forge Yellow, Turchese, Mandarin, or Phoenix Red.

These contrasting details are noticeable on the coachline, brake calipers, and on the lower bumper inserts. As opposed to a regular Ghost with a stainless-steel mirror-polished grille, the Prism has a more subdued look with a smoked black/gray shade called “Burnout.”

The accent color used on the outside has a correspondent inside the lavish cabin, including on the Starlight Headliner. The latter has a whopping 1,040 colored stars that have been individually positioned on the leather-wrapped ceiling with tiny holes to reveal a subtle glow. Rolls-Royce tells us early adopters are going with “light and vibrant” colors for the interior but there are virtually infinite ways to customize the posh cabin.

The Ghost Prism comes only a couple of weeks after RR unveiled the gorgeous Arcadia Droptail, with additional new models earmarked for a 2024 release. We’re expecting to see a discreetly updated Cullinan SUV and possibly a high-performance Spectre Black Badge with the dual-motor setup of the BMW i7 M70.

Inevitably, the venerable V12 is sadly going away. Rolls-Royce is done launching new regular production models with the twelve-cylinder powerhouse as the Ghost, Cullinan, and Phantom are the last of the V12 breed. The Wraith coupe and Dawn convertible have been discontinued and indirectly replaced by the Spectre. From 2030, the Goodwood-base marque intends to sell only EVs.

Source: Rolls-Royce