Car paparazzi currently based in northern Sweden have spotted BMW while testing the M2 CS out in the cold. Photographed in a veritable winter wonderland, the high-performance derivative looks all too familiar but there is one exciting change at the back. After the M4 CSL launched a couple of years ago, another M coupe is getting a ducktail spoiler as a visual nod to the M3 CSL and the car that started the trend – the E9.

Spicy New M2

We are fairly certain this prototype doesn’t have all the production parts in place. After all, sales of the M2 CS are not scheduled to start until later in 2025, so there’s still plenty of time to test the spicy special edition. It’s an unusually long testing program considering we first laid eyes on a camouflaged M2 CS all the way back in April 2023. That would normally suggest plenty of upgrades are planned, but we’re not expecting anything unusual.

An educated guess tells us the M2 CS will be a parts bin special by inheriting the wheels, bucket seats, carbon fiber upgrades, and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel from the big-boy M3 CS. Like the super sedan, don’t expect to row your gears since the spicy coupe is likely to be an automatic-only affair.

Since it’ll be a CS rather than a CSL, the weight loss will be moderate, so chances are that BMW is not removing the rear seats. Side note – the previous-generation M2 (F87) did get the CSL treatment, but it was sadly just a one-off. Maybe things will be different with the G87? Time will tell. Meanwhile, sources close to Munich insist an xDrive variant is planned, but this M2 CS is to be exclusively RWD.

Coming in 2025

When exactly are we going to see the M2 CS? Well, BMW hasn’t said, but production is supposedly starting in August 2025, so it’s unlikely that a world premiere is scheduled for this year. That said, 2024 will bring enthusiasts an update for the regular M2 that will increase power with the cars produced from August. Rumor has it the inline-six will gain an extra 20 hp for a grand total of 473 hp while next year’s M2 CS could have as much as 522 hp.

When it does eventually go official, the 2025 BMW M2 CS should have a special purple shade, provided our sources are accurate. It’s going to be manufactured for only about a year, during which fewer than 2,000 examples are going to roll off the assembly line. You’d better start saving since the old M2 CS F87 retailed for $83,600. Taking inflation into account and how car prices continue to increase, the new one could get dangerously close to the $100,000 mark.