The BMW M2 CS is on its way. It wasn’t much of a secret, as BMW M has been CS-ifying most of its mainstay sports cars for the past few years. And if you look at past products, an new BMW M2 is a no-brainer. However, according to our sources, the BMW M2 CS is not only coming but it will be here in 2025 and have some interesting specs. To coincide with our info, a couple of spy photos of the M2 CS recently surfaced, showing off some of the M2 CS’s design while testing at the Nurburgring.

At least 500 horsepower

The upcoming BMW M2 CS is rumored to make somewhere between 500-520 horsepower from the same S58 engine it currently uses. It’s possible BMW M just gives it the same state of tune as the M3 Competition, which for now makes 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. But we also know that the M3 and M4 Competition models will soon get a power bump of their own. That’s a lot of power in a car as small as the M2, especially since the new standard M2 can be a handful.

Unfortunately, the M2 CS will drop the standard car’s manual transmission option and will only use an eight-speed automatic. That’s an incredibly disappointing decision from BMW M, since the last-gen M2 CS came with a manual and it was so much better for it. We can understand the auto-only decision in the M3 CS, as its all-wheel drive matches up with the eight-speed auto to make the M3 CS an absolute monster. However, the M2 CS will be rear-wheel drive, so it should have a manual, at least as an option.

One iconic ///M Color is likely

Like with most exclusive BMWs, the M2 CS will have a very small number of colors. Both the M4 CSL and M3 CS have very limited color palettes, so that’s no surprise. But one of them, will be very special. More on that in the future.

In the spy photos, you can see a few CS-specific details, despite the heavy camouflage. Up front, it has a new splitter but out back it has a new rear diffuser that surrounds its quad exhausts. There also seems to be a power dome on the hood with a vent, which is likely to be both functional and aesthetic pleasing given it will use the same engine as the standard M2.

However, the most interesting new design is its integrated rear spoiler, similar to that of the E46 M3 CSL. While we can’t make out every new detail, the M2 CS does look cooler than the standard car, even if it is wrapped in camouflage. Inside, expect BMW’s carbon fiber racing bucks as-standard. Of course, BMW won’t confirm any of these news, nor a production date. But we do expect a market launch in late 2025.

[Photo Source: wilcoblok/ Instagram]