As we’ve always suspected, and even heard from our own sources, BMW M has indeed built an M2 CSL based on the F87 platform. The official reveal is scheduled for episode 2 of The Secret BMW M Garage, but a teaser towards the end of the video reveals some details of this exciting project. The BMW M2 CSL (F87) features elements from the M4 GTS, such as a massive carbon fiber rear wing, an aggressive front splitter and plenty of carbon fiber parts all around. Inside, the BMW M2 CSL (F87) had bucket seats, a rollover bar and a CFRP central console. It, of course, weighed less than the standard M2 Competition.

The S58 engine has also received a power bump delivering 450 hp and 550 Nm torque. Even more interesting is the fact that the BMW M2 CSL was built alongside the M2 CS (450 horsepower). Both models were presented to the board, but only the M2 CS received to green light. Why you might ask? BMW says the M2 CS was “somewhat more suitable for daily use.” The BMW M2 CSL remained a one-off.

The BMW M2 has become a fan favorite over the years, mostly due to its compact size, good looks and excellent power-to-weight ratio. So it’s certainly a pity that the BMW M2 CSL didn’t get past the final approval stages. It would have been an absolute track weapon, a future classic and certainly worthy of the M badge. With the new generation G87 M2 just around the corner, the BMW M2 CSL will likely come up once again. But this time, the market conditions might favor the lightweight M2.

BMW has already announced that the new BMW M2 G87 is the last non-hybrid M car, so that gives the M division the opportunity to build some of those one-offs. And we’re hearing that the M2 CSL is not the only model being considered. In the mean time, stay tuned next week for our exclusive test drive of the new G87 BMW M2 which will go live on the BMWBLOG Youtube Channel!