We bring you some live photos from Portugal of the 2025 MINI Cooper S (F66). The premium small hatchback shines in the new color: Ocean Wave Green. The F66, in its three-door guise, marks a notable evolution from its predecessors with a lightly restyled front fascia and a completely new rear fascia. Most of these design features are shared with its electric brother, the J01. The F66 MINI Cooper grows by 12 mm in length compared to the outgoing model. That places it at 3877 mm in total. The J01 electric MINI is slightly shorter, coming in at 3,858 mm. The J01 is wider  than the F66 by 12 mm. When it comes to height, the F66 is just 2 mm shorter than the electrified model.

The Design

At first glance, these two might seem closely matched, with their iconic MINI aesthetics. But it’s only when we bring them together that the design of the two starts to look slightly different. The J01 and F66 MINI Cooper combine the familiar with the new. Its design features smooth surfaces, updated lights, and a striking absence of side scuttles for a cleaner profile. At the front, the classic circular headlights flank a redesigned octagonal grille, replacing the traditional hexagonal shape, while vibrant silver accents mark a departure from chrome.

Flush door handles and the elimination of fender flares not only refine its look but also enhance aerodynamics, achieving a drag coefficient of 0.28. The forward-shifted cowl and angled windshield further distinguish the J01 from the F66. The rear end, however, makes a bold statement with its minimalist design, featuring new light clusters and a hatch shape that seamlessly integrates with the overall design, even hiding the exhaust pipe for a cleaner look. While both models have bid farewell to the clamshell bonnet, it’s the J01’s tapered rear that sets it apart from the F66’s more squared design. The Cooper SE comes optional 17- and 18-inch alloys with wider tires (up by 10/20 mm to 205/225 mm). For the Cooper F66, the wheels range from 16 to 18 inches.

The Interior

Inside, both Coopers embrace minimalism. The circular 9.4” OLED touchscreen, a centerpiece of the cabin, introduces the all-new MINI Operating System 9, with several experience modes. Switchgear has been reduced to a minimum. The door cards are different, with the latch placed much lower on the electric model. The electric J01 has its tweeters placed on the door, while in the new F66, they are still on the A-pillar. It also has an extra climate vent to the right of the steering wheel that is missing in the EV. The F66 incorporates the center console and seating design from the latest Countryman, featuring a significantly larger center armrest for enhanced comfort.

Cargo Space

MINI says the revised model has a 210-liter trunk, but you can extend the maximum load volume to 800 liters if you fold down the rear seat. That’s one liter less and 141 liters less than before, and the numbers are identical to those of the J01 EV.

In the end, both Coopers are an evolution of the previous models rather than a major redesign. They stay true to their MINI roots with a more minimalistic design. This blending of heritage and modernity, performance and practicality, makes the 2025 MINI Cooper S F66 a compelling next chapter in the storied history of MINI. The MINI Cooper S is set to begin US production in March 2024, with a base MSRP of $32,200 plus additional fees. [Photos: Bernhard Filser]