The 2025 BMW M5 is a few months away from its unveil. Selected media around the world has already had the chance to see the car in real life, but strict embargoes are still in place. Yet, that won’t stop digital artists from imagining the design of the new G90 M5 Sedan based on recent spy photos. Our friend @magnus.concepts is back with a cool Photoshop of the new M5. Compared to previous generations, the new design language is a departure from the typical design shapes and cues.

The Most Dynamic Looking M5 Ever

Image by @magnus.concepts

With spy photos hinting at the front design and leaks revealing the rear, the artist updated the renderings to reflect the latest insights. The front end borrows heavily from the i5 M60, aligning with BMW’s strategy to bridge the gap between M Performance models and the flagship M5. The design features distinctive lights and a kidney grille reminiscent of the i5 M60, complemented by a bold front fascia with large air intakes and air curtains, set against the striking backdrop of a matte blue paint. The grille, with its horizontal bars, nods to BMW’s Motorsport heritage, though the front radar remains prominent.

The side profile showcases wide fenders, an aggressive rocker panel, and two sharp lines, alongside large wheels—a hallmark of M models. Flush door handles and M mirrors enhance the sleek look. Despite the rear-end design being no secret, the renderings still anticipate quad exhaust pipes and a distinctive diffuser, rounding off the dynamic aesthetics of the new M5. Of course, a subtle spoiler is also present.

718 Horsepower From A PHEV Drivetrain

Image by @magnus.concepts

The power output is hardly a secret also. The 2025 BMW M5 Sedan will use a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The 4.4 liter V8 TwinTurbo (S68 code) is paired with an electric motor to generate 718 horsepower. The V8 engine will be good for 577 hp and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft), while the electric motor is set to deliver 194 hp and 280 Nm (207 lb-ft). The engineers are reportedly installing a lithium-ion battery pack with a usable capacity of 18.6 kWh, which would be lower than the XM’s available 25.7 kWh. In comparison to a standard 5 Series Sedan (G60), the M5 is said to be 36 mm (1.4 in) longer and 70 mm (2.8 in) wider, resulting in dimensions of 5096 mm (200.6 in) in length and 1970 mm (77.5 in) in width. Due to the altered suspension geometry, the wheelbase will be slightly elongated compared to the standard model, which measures 2995 mm (117.9 in) between the axles.

The G90 M5 Sedan is reportedly entering production in July 2024 while the G99 M5 Touring will hit the assembly line in November. BMW’s plan is to make the sedan until February 2031, with the wagon likely to bow out shortly thereafter. A facelift will be launched in 2027 which will bring some design features from the Neue Klasse family of cars. [Unofficial renders: @magnus.concepts]