Adding M Performance Parts to your M car can be a costly endeavor since BMW offers a plethora of customization options. The second-generation M2 is a relevant example of how one can spend a not-so-small fortune on a tricked-out car by opting for visual mods. There’s more to this Toronto Red build than that since it also has an Akrapovic exhaust to give the inline-six engine a meaner soundtrack.

Riding lower to the ground on black HRE wheels with an adjustable MSS suspension setup, this new-generation M2 has a black hood decal and not one but two rear spoilers. It also happens to have carbon air intakes at the front while the diffuser and rear bumper inserts are made from the same lightweight material.

Driven at full tilt on the Autobahn, the M2 G87 with the automatic transmission exceeded its official top speed. It briefly got up to 290 km/h (180 mph), which is slightly higher than the 285 km/h (177 mph) quoted by BMW for the cars equipped with the optional M Driver’s Package. However, it’s a known fact modern speedometers tend to show a higher speed than the real one, especially after 100 km/h (62 mph), so that probably explains the difference.

The difference could also be caused by the wheels. A new M2 rolls off the assembly line with 19-inch front and 20-inch rear alloys, wrapped in 275 and 285 tires, respectively. However, this car has a 20-inch set all around with 285 and 295 rubber. BMW itself is likely to put different wheels on the M2 CS when the hardcore special edition comes out next year.

This M2 with its optional front bucket seats rides a bit harsher due to the stiffer suspension setup and chunkier wheels. It also sounds far more aggressive across the rpm range thanks to the titanium exhaust with valve control while retaining the gasoline particulate filter (OPF).

The G87’s story is just getting started considering a power bump estimated at 20 horsepower will be implemented by BMW later this year before the CS hits the 500-hp threshold in 2025. About a year later, there might even be an xDrive version that would make the M2 even more of a baby M4.

Source: AutoTopNL / YouTube