The G87 M2’s design has sparked controversy as many BMW enthusiasts believe it’s not as attractive as the F87 model before it. The great thing about the M2 and many sports cars is that the tuning scene is more likely to work on fun cars, especially if they know these models will be popular. With the M2 being the most affordable real M out there, there’s a good chance it will be a commercial success.  After all, its predecessor racked up nearly 60,000 sales.

This second-generation M2 has already been modded even though the owner took delivery near the end of last year. It’s a predominantly white build with exposed carbon fiber parts from R44 Performance. However, it’s the wheels that make it stand out among other G87s. The tail-happy coupe from Bavaria has been fitted with a custom set of HRE forged wheels from the company’s Vintage Series.

Photos @blacktiremedia @drivewithdray

These wheels come in sizes varying from 18 to 24 inches in a design reminiscent of the 1980s. We’re immediately reminded of the M3 E30’s iconic BBS wheels. For this M2, the white shoes with a polished outer lip are complemented by a KW suspension bringing the sports car closer to the road for a meaner attitude.

This is certainly one of the cleanest-looking G87s we’ve seen thus far, and that massive trunk lid spoiler makes the rear look more muscular. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the orange side reflectors (it’s a US-spec car) have been painted to match the body. As for the carbon roof, it goes along nicely with the custom body parts made from the same material, including the rear diffuser.

BMW itself has numerous mods available for the latest M2 by accessing the items offered through the M Performance Parts catalog. From centerlock wheels to stacked exhaust tips, one can go wild with the options when configuring the G87.

[Photos @blacktiremedia @drivewithdray]