BMW’s “All You Need To Know” series is back after a long hiatus, and this new episode puts the spotlight on the second-generation X2. Codenamed “U10”, the crossover-coupe mashup is a cooler version of the conventionally shaped X1 and looks particularly attractive in M Performance guise with a matte Individual paint. Such is the case here with the M35i finished in Frozen Portimao Blue.

It’s safe to say the new X2 looks nothing like its predecessor, and we can’t remember the last time when a BMW design changed so much from one generation to another. We’d argue the modifications are all for the better considering the old F39 model was regarded as the ugly duckling of the lineup. That’s no longer the case since the U10 embraces the mini-X4 look. Its replacement is also much larger, increasing in length by nearly 20 centimeters and by a little over 2 centimeters in width.

As with other recent M Performance models, this X2 M35i has the M badge on the front grille, along with the sporty-looking side mirror caps and a quad exhaust. The version highlighted by BMW has the optional M Compound brakes with chunky 385-mm drilled discs at the front and 330-mm discs at the rear, hugged by gray calipers. The larger rear spoiler on the tailgate is not exclusive to the M Performance version since the lesser ones also have that sizeable aero element, including the fully electric iX2.

The interior has been revamped as well, although that’s not necessarily good news. The adoption of iDrive 9 means that physical controls have been kept down to a minimum, so much so that the rotary controller has been deleted. Seeing the glass half full, the X2’s jump in size does pay dividends in terms of legroom and cargo capacity. BMW hasn’t confirmed this yet but we’re hearing the new swoopy crossover will eventually supersede the X4. The latter could get a next-generation model strictly as an electric iX4 on the Neue Klasse architecture.

The all-new BMW X2 will hit the market next month with gasoline, diesel, and electric drivetrains. A plug-in hybrid won’t be available anymore since the xDrive25e is not returning.

Source: BMW / YouTube