When BMW unveiled its most powerful production model last year, the XM Label Red, it also introduced a special edition limited to 500 units. Those cars are all finished in Frozen Carbon Black metallic, a matte paint from the Individual catalog. Larte Design managed to get its hands on one, and they’ve taken an already polarizing design to new heights of controversy.

The G09 gets a dramatic front end with a new carbon fiber hood featuring a center bulge flanked by four slats. For extra aggression, there’s also a prominent splitter attached to the original bumper, and the BMW roundel has made way for the tuner’s own badge. The rear diffuser is just as striking with a hugely complicated diffuser featuring dual pairs of vertical fins incorporating extra brake lights. Not one but two spoilers were added at the back to further separate it from a “mundane” XM.

As if the XM wasn’t already wide enough, Larte Design has given the flagship M SUV thicker hips with fender flares flanking beefier side skirts. Then there are the wheels, a 23-inch forged set with red spokes to complement the contrasting body accents.

If the Label Red is too much, the tuner has also worked on a regular XM painted in Dravit Grey and combined with the gold accents. It’s certainly more restrained, but we wouldn’t go as far as to say it looks like your typical BMW SUV. Larte Design sells these parts in the same color as the body or you can have them in carbon fiber for extra visual drama.

Much like the XM itself, these aftermarket packages are not for everyone. But then again, if you’re buying the M division’s love/hate SUV, you probably want to stand out from the crowd. Tuners will happily oblige by designing these wicked body kits to transform an already eye-catching vehicle into one of the most attention-grabbing BMWs out there.

Source: Larte Design