As usual, there’s a massive price gap between regular versions of the BMW X5 and the range-topping M flavor. Those who want more visual drama from the premium SUV but can’t financially step up to the high-performance version can settle for an aftermarket kit. Larte Design has just launched a custom set of 10 parts to spruce up the facelifted G05, giving it a substantially more aggressive look compared to the M Sport Package.

There are noticeable changes from every angle, starting at the front where the Bavarian luxobarge has a custom hood with air vents compatible with the original mounting points. The tuner told us it has engineered a drainage system so that water doesn’t build up on the hood. It also tweaked the frame of the kidney grille and mounted a new splitter to lend the front end a meaner appearance.

The profile has been subjected to a few modifications as well, including beefier side skirts along with forged wheels available in different designs and in sizes varying from 21 to 23 inches. Larte Design installed new mirror caps and gave the front fenders prominent faux air intakes. The rear is dominated by X5 M-esque quad exhaust tips, but you’ll also notice a roof spoiler and a new diffuser with dual vertical bars serving as brake lights.

The custom body parts can be had with either a carbon fiber finish or in the same color as the rest of the body. The full body kit in carbon retails for about €32,000 or 30% cheaper if you stick to the base composite material based on basalt fiber that’s color-coordinated with the body. Although Larte Design is a German tuner based in Düsseldorf, it also has a sales office in California.

Fun fact – all the newly added parts are attached to the body using a special sealant that was tested on an X5 LCI doing 180 mph (290 km/h) on an unrestricted section of the Autobahn.

Source: Larte Design