Already a controversial design, the BMW XM can be turned into an even more eccentric SUV in the hands of aftermarket specialists. For those who want to stand out even more, Renegade Design has an eye-catching body kit tailored to the opinion-splitting dedicated M model. Originally introduced in August 2023, the cosmetic package is being showcased in a new walkaround video.

Not that the XM looked dull to begin with, but this visual makeover makes BMW’s flagship SUV even more polarizing. It’s a comprehensive kit encompassing a front splitter, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. This striking two-tone build also boasts a hood bulge along with carbon air intakes in the front bumper. The roof spoiler mounted at the back is hard to miss, and so are the fender flares to make an already wide car even wider.

As outlandish as this may seem, it kind of makes sense. Someone who is interested in buying the XM is not necessarily interested in outright performance since the X5 M Competition remains the wiser choice. As for luxury, the X7 is still the better model to buy. The XM is for those who want to try something radical in terms of BMW designs, and the “G09” delivers just that. It’s unlike any other SUV in the “X” lineup, and if you want to dial the love/hate styling to 11, Renegade Design and other tuners will happily oblige.

Diehard BMW fans are still irked about the fact the XM got the green light for production. It’s especially true since it was only last week when we saw the canceled I16 supercar project. About a year ago, BMW explained why the XM was chosen to the detriment of an M1 successor:

“The BMW M1 was a perfect fit for its era while the BMW XM is tailor-made for today’s customers. In former times, sports cars were extremely appealing to a broad range of customers and highly relevant for car manufacturers. However, customers around the world today are looking for SAVs/SUVs that deliver practicality and high performance in one luxurious package. These vehicles have the potential to significantly drive growth for car manufacturers moving forward.”

Long story short, BMW believes it can make more money with an SUV than with a mid-engine sports car.

Source: ORGCars / YouTube