BMW Italia has partnered with Poldo Dog Couture, the vanguard of luxury dog apparel, to unveil a version of the BMW X7 that is as exclusive as it is innovative.  This collaboration represents a fascinating intersection of automotive excellence and the bespoke tailoring world of pet fashion, entirely Made in Italy. Selecting the BMW xDrive40d model for this unique customization, BMW Italia and Poldo Dog Couture offer a bespoke travel solution for pets.

High-End Luxury For Dogs And Their Owners

BMW X7 xDrive40d Poldo Dog Couture Edition comes equipped with an elegant, dog-friendly travel kit designed to ensure safety and comfort for four-legged passengers. The design inspiration for this exclusive edition comes from Rossella Barbuto, Creative Director at Poldo Dog Couture. The exterior’s two-tone finish features black and the exclusive BMW Individual “Oxford Green” paint, while the interior boasts craftsmanship from a master carpenter using ebony wood, complemented by Alcantara upholstery.

The BMW X7 xDrive40d Poldo Dog Couture Edition includes a comprehensive travel kit for dogs. From a safety belt and stylish leather leash and collar to a comfortable seat cushion and thermal flask for fresh water, every aspect has been considered. The kit also features porcelain bowls on an ebony tray, hygienic bags, wipes, and an innovative essence ionizer by Luca Maffei, ensuring a pleasant journey for pets and owners alike.

BMW and Poldo Dog Couture says the overall theme oft his X7 is inspired by “an early morning forest where the air is pervaded by a symphony of enveloping resin scents.” “BMW Italia collaborates with Poldo Dog Couture for a reinterpretation of functionality , freedom and versatility of the BMW X7 , guaranteeing superior attention to detail, to share the interior spaces in style together with the four-legged members of the family”, added Carlo Botto Poala, BMW Marketing Director of BMW Italy.

The Italian’s latest concept car outshines their initial model based on the pre-facelift X7, unveiled more than two years ago, demonstrating that there is continuous evolution in the realm of luxury accessories for dogs. [Source: BMW Italia]