The M3 is unquestionably the pinnacle of the BMW 3 Series lineup, but if you can’t live with its massive kidney grille and don’t need the extra performance, the M340i is a great alternative. You still get an inline-six engine with plenty of punch in a more subtle and cheaper car. Much like the full-fat M version, the M Performance is highly customizable inside and out.

A new video puts the spotlight on the facelifted M340i with xDrive, finished in Skyscraper Grey Metallic and equipped with 19-inch wheels featuring a two-tone look. The car just landed at a dealer in Canada with quite a few extras, although it’s missing the 50 years of M anniversary badges. As with most facelifted 3 Series vehicles we’ve seen in recent weeks, it has a blacked-out kidney grille part of the “Black Exterior Contents” package as the Shadowline upgrade is known locally.

What makes this 3er LCI stand out is the Fiona Red/Black leather interior with fancy stitching available through the BMW Individual catalog. It classes up the sports sedan’s cabin even more and is combined here with the optional carbon fiber trim on the dashboard and center console. The floor mats have red piping to go along with the boldly colored interior.

As with all 2023 3 Series versions, the M340i transitions to the iDrive 8 and BMW’s small gear selector. The revamped infotainment hosts the climate controls, which are no longer physical buttons and knobs on the dashboard. You do still have some audio controls on the center console where the air vents are much slimmer to make room for the 14.9-inch touchscreen.

This won’t be the only update BMW will apply to the current-generation model as the G20 is expected to receive design and engine tweaks in 2024 and remain on sale for another three years or so.

Source: Allen BMWDurham / YouTube