Never has the BMW 7 Series looked this polarizing as not even the E65 with its infamous “Bangle Butt” sparked so much controversy. Even though the G70 has been splitting opinions since its launch last year, Mansory has managed to enhance the love/hate vibe. The eccentric tuner is working on a body kit for the Bavarian luxobarge, but in the meantime, it’s showing a custom wheel set.

The fully forged wheel measures 22 inches and comes wrapped around 265/30 22 front and 295/25 rear tires. It has a disc-like design reminding us of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II, although some would argue that Mansory took inspiration from Maybach. Either way, the seventh 7 is now even more of a head-turner, for better or worse.

The new shoes come with 10 mm wheel spacers front and rear while the self-leveling Mansory logo always stays in the same position. Rolls-Royce has had this feature for a long time and BMW is also offering “floating” center caps as an accessory. In the United States, a set of four costs $114 and is available in two sizes. These weighted wheel center caps stay upright, even when the car is in motion, so bystanders know what kind of car you’re driving regardless of the wheel’s position.

This FD.15 wheel has a Black Diamond finish and likely works on the fully electric i7 considering the EV is based on the same CLAR platform as the conventionally powered flagship. Mansory’s shadowy teaser image hints at additional styling changes courtesy of custom body parts such as front and rear aprons. In addition, the fullsize luxury sedan is getting beefier side skirts, new mirrors, and fender vents, provided they’re functional and not just for show.

The 7 Series G70 hasn’t exactly been a popular car among tuners, but it looks as though Mansory is looking to address the lack of aftermarket support with new goodies. BMW has spruced up its crown jewel with the M760e and i7 M70 M Performance versions but what we really want is for the V12-powered 760i to return. Sadly, the twin-turbo 6.6-liter powerhouse died in 2022 with “The Final V12” special edition for the US market where only 12 cars were sold.

Source: Mansory