For many die-hard BMW enthusiasts, it’s not just enough to have a cool Bimmer. They’ve got to have some cool BMW gear to go along with it. Many fans like to fully immerse themselves in the world of BMW and there are many great official accessories to choose from.

So we decided to take a look at ten of the best BMW accessories for any Bimmerphile. Some are big-ticket items that will enhance the experience of your car and some are just small accessories to use in everyday life. Either way, they’re all BMW-related pieces of kit for the hardcore BMW fan in your ife.

The Perfect Table Coffee Book

It may not be a coffee table book about coffee tables (which itself becomes a coffee table) but this coffee table covering the 50 years of BMW’s M Division is the next best thing. This great looking hardcover celebrates the M Division and its incredible history. It’s filled with great stories, stunning photographs, and even a foreword from legendary M Division exec Jochen Neerpasch. Put this on a coffee table and guests will always have something interesting to read.

BMW Floor Mats

I honestly don’t know how to live without rubber floor mats anymore. My last three cars have had exclusively rubber floormats and going back seems insane. The ability to not worry about wet, snowy, or muddy shoes in your very expensive BMW is a luxury all of its own. No constant fear, in bad weather, that you’re gonna wreck your lovely carpeted floor mats. Instead, let them fill up with rain, snow, mud, whatever, and then just take ’em out and rinse ’em with a hose. Easy peasy. These floor mats are BMW brand, which means they’ll have a perfect OEM fit and will have BMW logos on them, so you still get the premium branding.

Wiper Blade Set

These BMW wiper blades are OEM replacement blades, so no worry about fitment or quality. Having cheap, worn wiper blades is the worst, as they just leave massive water streaks on the windshield, making matters worse. Making sure you have high quality, perfect fitting wiper blades is a must and these will do the trick.

BMW Genuine Logo M Performance Driving Glove

A good set of driving gloves is lovely, especially in the cold. There’s just something that feels right about driving with a good set of driving gloves and these BMW pair looks great, too. They’re not clunky and they don’t look obnoxious, like so many driving gloves can be. They’re leather, too, which is a must.

BMW Angel Eyes

If you’re BMW is a bit older and you’re missing the snazzy high-tech LED lights of modern Bimmers, these angel eye LED aftermarket upgrades could do the trick. They’re designed to look like modern BMW LED angel eye headlights and do a decent job of mimicking them. Installation is pretty straightforward, too, so you can probably do it yourself, in your own driveway.

Carbon Fiber Car Wheel Tire Air Caps Cover

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that makes all the difference. If you have a nice set of wheels and tires on your Bimmer but don’t like the look of plain black valve stem caps, these carbon fiber ones might do the trick. They’re cheap little upgrades that can make any wheel look just a bit snazzier. They’re finished in a glossy carbon fiber with a metal top.

BMW Black Stainless Steel License Frame with M Logo

I don’t know about you but I like really simple license plate frames. In America, license plates can really ruin the look of a car, so I want them to be as subtle as possible and simple branded ones are always best, if you ask me. This simple black BMW M frame is perfect for someone who feels as I do. It’s also stainless steel, so it won’t corrode over time and look gross.

BMW Roof Racks

Roof racks not only look cool but are incredibly helpful. Need to do a Home Depot run and grab a few long pieces of lumbar? What about wanting to bring your bikes along on a family road trip? Wanna take your surfboards to the beach? All of those things can easily be done, without taking up space inside your car, with a set of roof racks and these BMW roof racks fit perfect into either the designated slots on top of a sedan or on the roof rails of a crossover.

BMW Floating Center Caps

Every time someone sees a Rolls-Royce in person, they’re wowed by its floating, weighted wheel center caps that stay upright, even when the car is in motion. They’re snazzy

BMW M Performance Shift Knob

Looking to upgrade your standard shift knob for manual transmissions? BMW offers a variety of M Performance Shift Knobs. This particular one works for the BMW 1 Series or the E46 3 Series, but you can shop around for one that fits your model and make.

Bonus: BMW Classic Chronograph

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be a watch nerd. A classic timepiece like the BMW Classic Chronograph will look great on and off the track. This 42mm watch features a black dial with silver-tone stick indexes and BMW logo, chronograph movement and black leather strap. It also comes in at least a dozen colors, so it can even fit your car’s paint job. 

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