BMW has yet to reveal the 4 Series facelift, but the updated headlights of the coupe are somehow already available to buy. German website Kleinanzeigen (German for “Classifieds”) lists a complete set of headlights for the G22 LCI. Available to buy at the source link included at the bottom, the lights have the new sharper-looking daytime running lights we’ve seen on prototypes as well as the M4 GT3 EVO race cars.

The blue accents used to only mean laser technology but that’s no longer the case since BMW appears to be moving away from this setup. Some of the recent models have blue inserts for the adaptive matrix LED headlights. You’ll be seeing these lights on several cars as aside from the 4 Series Coupe, they’re also coming to the 4 Series Convertible and 4 Series Gran Coupe / i4. In addition, spy shots have revealed the M3 Sedan and M3 Touring are also switching to this new look.

Although the headlights are listed on a German website, the items are located in Zagreb, Croatia. A complete kit with all the necessary modules is going to set you back €3,000 or about $3,200 at current exchange rates. The product sticker reveals these headlights were manufactured in Slovakia on August 30, 2023. The ad on Kleinanzeigen claims the headlights are brand new.

Your guess is as good as ours as to why the headlights are already for sale. BMW’s supplier has certainly built more than a few sets already since we’ve seen them on several prototypes undergoing testing. However, it’s unusual for the items to already be up for grabs, possibly months before the 4 Series Coupe LCI is officially revealed.

Don’t be too surprised if the ad will be gone sooner rather than later. BMW certainly doesn’t want the design of its updated lights to leak online in such a strange manner. The G22 LCI is reportedly going into production in March 2024, so expect a world premiere in the first months of next year. The 4 Series Coupe has already entered the 2024MY in the United States, so the updated model will be sold as a 2025MY.

Source: Kleinanzeigen