It almost seems odd that BMW would be readying the new 4 Series LCI facelift already. However, it really is about that time. The 4 Series first launched a few years ago and it’s ready for its mid-life cycle facelift. In some new spy photos, you can see the 4 Series LCI—both a standard model and the M Performance M440i model—doing some testing in public and some of its new design is on display. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

If you were hoping BMW might have seen your criticism about the grille and changed it (back when it first debuted, many commenters had hoped BMW would revert back to a normal grille with the LCI update), you’re about to be disappointed. The grille is staying after the LCI, at least until the end of this generation 4 Series. Of course it is, BMW is already working on the next generation of Neue Klasse car designs, it’s not about to revamp the 4 Series that’s selling shockingly well just because of a few angry commenters… even if it should.

However, it does get a new set of headlights, which updates the 4 Series to match the rest of the lineup. While the shape of the headlights isn’t much different, the actual lighting inside is. You’ll now find dual arrow-like LEDs, which are sharper throwbacks to the dual halo design of old-school BMWs, that also match newer cars like the X5 and X6 LCI.

The front air intakes seem a bit different as well but it’s hard to tell exactly due to the camo. However, the exhausts of both models give away their specific nature. So the dual round tailpipes of the seemingly Brooklyn Grey test mule prove that it’s a lesser 4 Series model, such as a 420d or 430i. But the trapezoidal tailpipes of the Frozen Portimao Blue car indicate its M Performance nature. I’m assuming it’s going to keep its M440i name, as the M340i did when it was LCI’d but BMW’s changed names with LCIs before so there’s no guarantee.

For the most part, the 4 Series is going to look similar to the car it replaces. The biggest changes will come inside, where it will get BMW’s new iDrive 8 curved display and little toggle switch shifter, as with the 3 Series. I wouldn’t say that BMW is just running out the clock on this current crop of internal combustion cars but that sort of seems like what’s happening. BMW is preparing for the next-generation, its Neue Klasse lineup and beyond, as it should be. So let’s live with a mildly refreshed 4 Series and look forward to what comes next.

[Source: Car Scoops]