For good reason, BMW tends to promote the higher-end versions of a model because there’s more money to be made with expensive configurations. While the M60i and M flavors of the X5 are cash cows for the Bavarian brand thanks to their higher profit margins, there’s nothing wrong with the regular xDrive40i. Seen here wearing a Blue Ridge Mountain Metallic paint, this luxury SUV doesn’t even have the optional M Sport Package.

Shown alongside the $100,000+ X5 M60i during the 2023 Test Fest held earlier this month in Greenville, South Carolina, this one costs “only” a little over $80,000. It’s still not the cheapest configuration money can buy since the X5 retails from a smidge over $66,000 for the rear-wheel-drive sDrive40i with no options. This one has quite a few extras added, including those 21-inch wheels available at a $950 premium.

If you want that illuminated grille, prepare to fork out another $500. Inside, the Sensafin Cognac upholstery comes at no extra charge. By far the priciest option of this X5 xDrive40i is the $4,450 Executive Package bundling the glass controls and remote engine start with a Harman Kardon sound system and full LED adaptive headlights (with cornering). With this pack, you also get the Live Cockpit Pro and support for gesture controls.

Another $2,100 was spent on the Driving Assistance Package, plus $900 for the Parking Assistance Package, and $1,350 for the Climate Comfort Package. The latter adds front and rear heated seats, four-zone climate control, along with heated front armrests and steering wheel. Rounding off the list of optional goodies were the contour seats for $750. Add the destination charge ($995) and you’re looking at an X5 xDrive40i that costs $80,145.

With today’s crazy prices, the asking price doesn’t seem insanely high, at least for a large SUV with the famous blue and white roundel. Going all out can mean paying $149,400 for an ALPINA XB7 or $159,000 for the XM, and that’s before adding any options. Even the Competition-only X5 M kicks off at an eye-watering $122,300, a massive gap until the $89,300 X5 M60i.

Source: BMW