BMWBLOG was the first publication to talk about the prospects of an M3 CS Touring in April 2023. Back then, our source close to Munich told us there was at least one prototype undergoing testing, but the hardcore wagon had not been signed off for production at that moment. In early October, we heard through the grapevine the higher-ups in Bavaria had subsequently given their stamp of approval.

Lending credence to our original reporting, a reputable BMW insider from the Bimmer Post forums has it on good authority an M3 CS Touring is indeed happening. It’s expected to hit the assembly line in March 2025 and have a production run of only 12 months. The limited availability is hardly a surprise considering the M3 CS Sedan also has a short run rather than being a permanent member of the lineup.

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Logic tells us it’ll be based on the facelifted M3 Touring considering prototypes of the LCI variant have already been seen out and about during testing. The super wagon could receive the nip and tuck as early as 2024 when the launch of an M4 CS will give us an accurate preview of how the higher-performing wagon is going to look. Compared to today’s M3 CS Sedan, these future CS-badged cars will adopt redesigned headlights likely to eschew the laser tech in favor of a matrix LED setup.

There aren’t any secrets regarding the powertrain since the beefy estate will probably get the twin-turbo inline-six dialed to 543 hp and 479 lb-ft (650 Nm) to match its sedan sibling. It too will be an automatic-only affair with xDrive and plenty of standard carbon fiber goodies. When the M3 Touring debuted, the carbon roof was a glaring absence the aftermarket scene has since decided to fix by replacing the metal top with the lighter panel. It remains to be seen whether the more potent G81 will get it from the factory. One would argue that it should considering these CS cars are typically a bit lighter than the Competition models upon which they’re based.

To set it apart from the regular speedy wagon, BMW will reportedly give the M3 CS Touring a unique paint job and special wheels. The ideal all-rounder is slated to boast carbon bucket seats and a few other changes on the inside to justify what will surely be a significant premium. Not that the regular M3 wagon is cheap anyway since it already costs six figures at home in Germany. That’s before adding any options.

If production is indeed starting in March 2025, we might get to see the hotter estate before the end of 2024. Next year, BMW will also bring back the M5 Touring, so exciting times are ahead for the family man who is always in a hurry.

Source: Bimmer Post