In the past week, we welcomed our very first long-term BMW press car – a stunning 2024 BMW iX M60 in Phytonic Blue. This beauty has landed at our doorstep, becoming our primary daily driver for the coming months. What makes this part of our journalistic / content creator journey so exciting? It’s the first time we get the chance to spend ample time with a car, just like any regular customer would. This extended period allows us to thoroughly test every aspect, explore all its features and packages, uncover its quirks, and even identify any shortcomings.

While we’ve had the privilege of test driving numerous BMWs, the typical testing process is often brief and can be quite rushed, making it challenging to explore all the car’s capabilities. Usually, we attend a launch event where we have just a few hours, if we’re lucky, a day with a new car, and we must quickly familiarize ourselves with it on the spot. Then, a few months down the line, BMW adds these new cars to their press fleet. We get a week-long loaner, which offers more time to get to know the vehicle. Yet, it’s still seldom enough time, especially considering the demands of creating content for multiple platforms, which can be quite time-consuming.

First Long-Term Press Car

When BMW of North America approached me with the opportunity to have a longer-term press car, I was genuinely excited. The only decision left was to select our preferred specification: an iX xDrive50 or an iX M60. Initially, I was dead set on the iX xDrive50 for one primary reason: the extended electric range. However, a thought struck me – wouldn’t it be far more thrilling to experience the 610 horsepower M-tuned BMW and assess whether it justifies the upgrade over the base iX? Wouldn’t this make for a more captivating narrative in the context of daily driving?

I’m already well aware that the base iX xDrive50 is an outstanding and comfortable daily driver, a luxurious crossover that can adapt to various needs. But, frequently, our readers inquire: Will an iX M60 be too aggressive for everyday use? Does going all-in with the M60 mean sacrificing something? Is the additional power worth the trade-off in range? And what about the impact of rear-wheel steering? Is it a good road trip companion? Where can I charge it and how?

These questions stem from real-life driving experiences, and our intention is to thoroughly explore each of them in the coming months. Our initial focus will be on tackling one of the most challenging questions: Is it feasible to embark on an extended road trip, and how do you prepare for necessary charging stops along the way? Consider that the second installment in our series, as we’re committed to developing this BMW iX M60 into a comprehensive project rather than rushing out content.

Part 1 – The BMW iX M60 Spec (MSRP $111,500)

So let’s dive right in, shall we? First off, we went with the Phytonic Blue Metallic instead of the alternative Aventurine Red option. For a single reason: I’ve always loved that understated blue on large crossovers. Yet, I still think Aventurine Red is a fantastic choice because it gives the car a more luxurious look.

Interior Features

When it comes to the interior, sustainability is our focus. That’s why we chose Mocha SensaTec, essentially synthetic leather. While BMW does provide genuine leather options for the iX, I believed that faux leather would be a more practical choice for accommodating little kids during road trips.

Next on the options list for the interior was the Luxury Package ($1,500) which adds Glass & Wood Controls, and soft-close automatic doors. Everything else that you get inside the iX M60 is part of the standard offering, and that includes front ventilated seats, panoramic roof, privacy glass, radiant heating package, interior camera, alcantara headliner, Live Cockpit Pro, and my favorite, the 30 speaker Bower & Wilkins audio system.

Exterior Features

Most of the exterior options are standard on the BMW iX M60 – like the Adaptive LED headlights with Laser Lights and the M Sport Brakes – but there are a few you have to pay for:

  • 22″ M Aero Bi-Color Bronze Wheels Style 1023 – $950
  • BMW Individual Titanium Bronze Exterior – $500

There is also one package that I’m absolutely excited to have on this car because it will make for great content: Driving Assistance Professional Package $2,300. It includes the Active Driving Assistant Pro, Highway Assistant, Parking Assistant Professional, Active Cruise Control, Active Lane Keeping Assistant with side collision, Traffic Jam Assistant.

As a 2024 model, this iX M60 is equipped with the enhanced Highway Assistant (Level 2+) features found in the i7 and i5, including hands-free driving up to 85 mph. Additionally, it boasts the MGU5 head unit, making iDrive 8.5 a standard feature in the car. Unique to the 2024 Model Year iX is the ability to display Augmented Reality across the entire central screen. Last but certainly not least, there’s an important update in the form of an improved fast charging curve, akin to what you’ll find in the i5 and i7, resulting in quicker charging times.

Total price: $117,395

We have several intriguing ideas to delve into with this car, in addition to the topics mentioned earlier. However, if you have any suggestions regarding what we should cover or emphasize, we encourage you to leave a comment in the section below. Our aim is to create an interactive review that addresses the questions and interests of customers and potential buyers. I also intend to put this vehicle through the rigors of harsh Chicago winters, testing it on both larger wheels with performance tires and then on winter tires. Yet, we’re open to any other suggestions you might have!

As always, we will cover this review on all of our platforms, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us!