We genuinely don’t remember the last time BMW started Nürburgring tests of a new M car so early. It’s already been many months since our first encounter with the M2 CS even though the hotter G87 won’t hit the market until later in 2025. A new spy video from the famous Green Hell shows the higher-performing derivative wearing full camo attire in a futile attempt to hide two important changes.

It looks as though the M2 CS will get the more aggressive front bumper design we’ve already seen on the M4 CSL and the more recent M3 CS, with next year’s M4 CS to have a similar fascia. At the back, it’s hard to miss the integrated trunk spoiler akin to the ducktail of the aforementioned M4 CSL and the M3 CSL E46 before it.  You can’t see it because of the swirly disguise, but there’s a lot of carbon fiber slated to be fitted as standard equipment to shave off a marginal amount of weight.

They’re not installed here but there is a distinct possibility the 2025 M2 CS will have yellow daytime running lights to echo other recent CS products. We are also not ruling out fresh LED graphics for the taillights but that remains to be seen. A new wheel design is a possibility, as is a fresh body color. Inside, it’ll have front bucket seats while retaining the rear bench since it won’t be hardcore enough to get the CSL badge. Don’t go looking for a clutch pedal because the spicy rear-wheel-drive coupe will be offered exclusively with the eight-speed automatic transmission.

BMW won’t be rewriting the compact performance book as the new M2 CS will use an already existing evolution of the S58 engine. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six currently makes 453 hp but we have it on good authority it’ll be massaged to deliver an extra 20 hp for an updated base M2 arriving at some point in 2024 with 473 hp and without the Competition suffix. As for the CS variant, we’re hearing it’ll have over 500 hp, possibly as high as 518 hp if our sources are accurate.

Likely to be offered for the 2026 model year in the United States, the CS is going to cost more than its $84,595 F87 predecessor. Don’t be too surprised if the amped-up M2 will start from around $90,000 and go up from there, although we can’t imagine there will be many options since most of the goodies will come as standard. As with other CS models before it, production will be limited.

Source: DPCcars / YouTube