The success story of the BMW M3 Touring will continue in 2025. BMW has allegedly given the go ahead for a supped version of the sports wagon which will come in limited numbers next year. The BMW M3 CS Touring will likely follow the same recipe as the G80 M3 CS and the upcoming G82 M4 CS: 543 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque from the S58 engine. Of course, we will see a similar design improvements with carbon fiber bits at the front, a more aggressive rear diffuser and a carbon fiber spoiler.

The Ideal M Car

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Just like with all the CS models, the BMW M3 CS Touring (G81) will get a special launch color, carbon bucket seats and unique wheels. We don’t expect major weight savings though. For example, the M3 CS sedan shaves 75 pounds off the standard M3 Competition xDrive, so the M3 Touring CS should follow a similar recipe. Since it will be based on the Competition wagon, the M3 CS Touring will send the power to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic.

Naturally, BMW has not officially confirmed these speculations at this point. However, if the M3 CS Touring is indeed planned for a launch next year, we can expect the initial prototypes to make their rounds on the Nürburgring track soon. In reality, this development is hardly unexpected, as CS models and the M3 Touring have both enjoyed strong sales, making it a logical conclusion that these two popular elements would come together. It’s probably one of the easiest business cases that product managers in Munich had to put together.

Limited in numbers

The “regular” BMW M3 Touring is selling like hot cakes, despite not being available in the United States, so finding the necessary production capacity may pose a slight challenge. This is why, just like all the other CS models, the M3 CS Touring will be limited: the rumor is less than 2,000 units globally. And unfortunately, we still won’t get the CS wagon in the U.S., which is a pity because this would be the ultimate M car to own.

2024 is shaping up to be an amazing year for the BMW M brand. No fewer than five models have now been officially confirmed to debut in 2024. Speaking at the Australian launch of the i5 M60 and i7 M70 electric M Performance models, M boss Frank van Meel announced a Life Cycle Impulse for the M3 and M4 is coming, although it’s unclear whether the LCI will also include the wagon, coupe, and convertible body styles.

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